Time to Poke the Bear – Ep#3 with John Alan Turner

“It’s Time to Poke the Bear” Vlog is back with 15 minutes of bite size learnings from creative and interesting people based all over the world. If you haven’t seen the other two episodes, check them out here.

On episode three, I had a chat with John Alan Turner, a professional business coach, speaker and mentor to explore the importance for large organisations to lead creativity with purpose.

John is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has worked with organisations like Pfizer, the US Army and Columbia Sportswear. With 20 years experience and seven published books, John has been helping people take their lives to the next level and as he says: “help leaders lead better”.

On this Vlog we talk about the aspects of mission and strategy, how organisations can not lose sight of their core values and why serving leadership is fundamental to senior leaders in any organisation.

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