Everything starts with someone having a question. WHAT IF? What if I was to do this differently? What if I can actually deliver a new product to an existing customer?

The aim with keynote speaking and workshop facilitation is to drive that youthful curiosity in people to ask WHAT IF and then help them through that journey. 

Large organisations generally have a lot of processes and inheriting ways of working. What I do is challenge the way that they work by taking a different approach and leading them towards a different outcome. 

Keynote Speaking

From groups of startups that are looking for inspiration to help them grow, all the way through to corporate events and conferences that are looking to drive innovation from within the organisation.

The keynote sessions are all about inspiring confidence and talking through brilliant examples of how people have done it differently to get different outcomes.

Workshop Facilitation

Combining different tools such as design thinking, design sprint, value proposition canvas and business model canvas, I offer a blended approach to different strategies whilst focusing on building products and services that people actually need.

It’s all about providing a customer-centric approach to solving problems and engaging your clients and prospects in a different way.


It’s about trialing things and getting them done.
Focusing on individuals and interactions.
Getting hands on the project.
Working in collaboration with your customer and responding to change.