I help people deliver value to other people by encouraging organisations to develop new products and services that people actually need.

I do this by offering a blended approach using different tools and methodologies that are focused on solving customer problems.

Large organisations generally have a lot of processes and inherited ways of working. What I do is challenge the way that they work by inspiring people to take a risk and prompt them to question: “why can’t I do this differently”?

Innovation can deliver many potential benefits to any organisation. Through my work with Startup Grind, Cataliize and Innovation Studios, I challenge the status quo and help people think differently for a better outcome.

Startup Grind is all about inspiring and connecting people that are starting out on their entrepreneurial journey, with people that have been there before.  As a Chapter Director of Startup Grind Perth, I organise monthly events with guest speakers to talk about their journey and achievements in the startup world.

Cataliize is about helping validated businesses that have clients and revenue to tap into new markets and scale globally.

Innovation Studios is about helping larger organisations that want to start on an innovation journey and look at challenging how they work internally, to deliver new products and services to existing and potential new clients.


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