4th March 2020

Unlocking your Creative Superpowers – Kickstart your thinking to explore problem-solving differently.

Creative Thinking Masterclasss

Innovation is Creativity with a purpose. If you want to kickstart your creativity and innovation journey this is for you.

Join us for a unique fun filled day to help you unlock your creative thinking superpowers. I believe we are all capable of thinking creatively we just need to learn the skills to support this behaviour.

Throughout the day we will cover:

  • Why we need creative thinking and a growth mindset to drive innovation
  • Understand the role that EQ plays in exploring being creative
  • Understanding the role of how to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn – breaking your river of thinking
  • Deliberate creative thinking techniques with exercises to take back to your colleagues and share the love
  • Learn how to build new habits to fight the “dropping back to work” mode
  • Using empathy to help design creative solutions through the eyes of others.
  • Story-telling to gain support from others

This fun and interactive workshop will cover a mix of content and activities. Designed with a small amount of content with larger amounts of doing. I will help you understand why creativity and innovation can be so hard within your organisation, build strategies to kick-start and amplify your thinking, and give you skills to take back to the office to help others kick-start their thinking.

DATE / TIME: Wed., 4th March 2020 | 9:00 am – 4:30 pm AWST

LOCATION: Perth, CBD, WA 6000


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