Time to Poke the Bear – Ep#2 with David McQueen

We’re back with “It’s Time to Poke the Bear” Vlog, a 15 minutes bite size learnings from creative and interesting people based all over the world. If you haven’t seen episode one with Duncan Wardle, check out here.

On episode two, I had chat with David McQueen – international speaker, storyteller, facilitator and presenter on the power of business storytelling and authenticity. 
David has a leadership development company in the UK and works with coaching and facilitation programs challenging executives to be the best leaders. He shares his views on the importance of going into the heart of your origin story and how you can use it to engage with people on an emotional level.
We also talk about why culture add is better than culture fit when it comes to recruitment and three key takeaways for anyone wanting to start with business storytelling. 

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